Holding Clairvoyant Biil Accountable

2/30 7% came true, 5/30 17% refuted, 24/30 76% pending

Team Prediction Result
Philadelphia 76ers They will win at least 10 games Correct! (currently 12 games)
Phoenix Suns Dragic gets traded to OKC for Perkins, Lamb, & Jackson Pending until trade deadline; considering Dragic's level of play, this is highly unlikely
Orlando Magic Oladipo wins 2014 Rookie of the Year award Pending end of season; MCW is giving Oladipo a run for his money
Utah Jazz Kanter & Favors will mesh well; Ty Corbin will be first coach to get fired this season Pending, good so far
Charlotte Bobcats Jalen Rose will be engaged before Bobcats make it to the playoffs Pending event :)
Sacramento Kings Trade McLemore, Fredette, Vásquez, Patterson & Salmons for Rondo, Brooks, Wallace and rights to swap picks Pending until trade deadline; already had a big trade with the Raptors (Vasquez, Patterson Salmons, Hayes for Gay, Gray, and Acy)
Boston Celtics Rondo has 20 games or less left as a Boston Celtic Pending until Rondo's 20th game
Toronto Raptors Trade Gay before January 15 to the Bucks for Butler, Udoh and Antetokounmpo Incorrect, Rudy was traded to the Kings.
Atlanta Hawks Trade Horford to the Bulls for Boozer, Mirotic, Charlotte's future No.1 Pick and Bull's No.1 Pick Pending until trade deadline, unlikely given Horford's injury
Cleveland Cavaliers If Kobe doesn't return time, trade Waiters and Varejao to the Lakers for Gasol; Bynum will play less than 15 games Incorrect, Bynum played 24 games with the Cavs; traded to Indiana
Washington Wizards Porter has potential to be a bust Pending, though Porter seems off to a very slow start since coming back in December
New Orleans Pelicans Trade Anderson for Asik Pending until trade deadline; possible with Asik rumors
Los Angeles Lakers Kobe comes back mid-November, plays about 73 games, and aims to get closer to beat Kareem's scoring record; Lakers miss playoffs. Incorrect, Kobe's second injury did not help :(
Minnesota Timberwolves Love and trade rumors Pending until trade deadline
Portland Trailblazers Thomas Robinson will succeed with Blazers; Blazers will make playoffs; Olshey will be GM of the year Pending
Milwaukee Bucks Trade Butler and Udoh for Gay from Raptors and Deng from Bulls Incorrect, both Gay (Kings) and Deng (Cavs) have been traded to other teams
Dallas Mavericks Dirk will have a monster season (second team all-NBA player) Pending, though his numbers are up from last season
Denver Nuggets Faried will get traded before February Incorrect, he's still with the team
Detroit Pistons Josh Smith will get "rejuvenated"; Jennings and Smith will get along for the first 3 months Pending, they're leading the team in points, steals, and assists
Memphis Grizzlies Grizzles have missed their chance to win a championship Pending
New York Knicks This is Mike Woodson's last year as coach Pending, but they're not off to a good start
Golden State Warriors Lee ends up in trade rumors; no new arena for the Warriors Pending
Houston Rockets Asik will definitely get traded either to Pelicans for Anderson or to Celtics for Green Pending, but Asik has been asking for a trade
Brooklyn Nets Pierce will have a super efficient year Pending, but this isn't looking good (41% FG, 13 PPG)
Oklahoma City Thunder Durant will be angry and frustrated with his team, but Westbrook and Durant will bond due to the situation Pending, Westbrook has been out and Durant has taken over
Los Angeles Clippers Crawford will be traded by the end of February; buy-out a veteran in spring Pending
Indiana Pacers Pacers cannot make the Finals without trading Granger. Pending, though they're looking strong enough to make the playoffs regardless
San Antonio Spurs Duncan is going to be "banged up" this season; injuries, hiccups, etc. but ready for playoffs Pending; Duncan has chest contusion (10/31), missed 1 game so far
Miami Heat LeBron will be MVP again - his 5th in 6 years. Pending
Chicago Bulls Bad situation with Deng who is bitter about his doctors botching his surgeries Correct, he's left Chicago for the Cavs! Unclear if it was due to doctors specifically...

Thanks to /r/nba for the idea, and /u/theboneycrony for the original table.

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Last updated 2/1/2014